Dr. Daniel ImHead Dental Surgeon BSC (TORONTO) BDENT (SYD) PG Dip Implantology

    Dr Daniel Im studied in the University of Toronto and the University of Sydney. He has been teaching in the faculty of dentistry at The University of Sydney for the last 10 years. He has been teaching both cosmetic restoration as well as functional restoration in the begining of his teaching career. He then started to teach Oral Surgery at the University of Sydney teaching hospitals.

    Dr Im’s passion of promoting good dentistry does not stop at the University level and he is invited to many of the professional conferences to speak and give lectures. He is a key opinion leader in some of the main dental companies in Australia. Dr Im is also a course director of one of the largest dental implant companies world wide, meaning that he teaches other dentists how to place dental implants.

    Not surprisingly, a lot of dentists would go see Daniel when they are in need of good dentist. Daniel is a caring person who is very well integrated with his community and volunteer work. He is known to be trustworthy and friendly. Daniel went to reputable Trinity College School in Canada where he served as head of the house. He believes he received his artistic talent from his mother who is an artist in oil painting and an engineering mind from his grandfather who was an electrical engineer.